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Espaço Fitness

Cuidar do corpo durante sua hospedagem no Itajara nunca foi tão fácil: CONHEÇA NOSSO ESPAÇO FITNESS!

Planejado para oferecer o máximo de conforto em um ambiente aconchegante, com equipamentos modernos, o espaço fitness está a disposição dos nossos hóspedes que se preocupam com sua saúde física e querem manter sua rotina de exercícios mesmo longe de casa e da academia.
O espaço conta com esteiras, bicicleta, elíptico, estação de exercícios/musculação, pesos e colchonetes. Com estes equipamentos, você poderá fazer mais de 30 tipos de exercícios diferentes, dentre eles: Elevação Frontal, Supino Máquina, Voador, Leg Press, Abdominal Infrana Paralela, Tríceps, Remada, Adutor, Rosca, Glúteo Polia, Agachamento, Puxador, Oblíquo, etc.

Consulte seu médico antes de iniciar uma atividade física.


How about waking up by the morning and having a delightful breakfast waiting for you?

Here at Itajara, you have the first meal of the day without any additional costs! Everything made with love and the highest quality regional products, to guarantee that your breakfast will be delicous and nutritive.

Openned everyday from 6:00 a.m. to 9:30 a.m. 

The breakfast buffet: Coffee, milk, tea, chocolate milk and yogurt, 2 kinds of fruit juices (not natural), 6 kinds of bread (Corn meal, Homemade, Roll, Brown and more), cheese, ham, salami, and more. 4 kinds of jam (Honey, fruits and more), 4 kinds of season fruits, 5 kinds of crumb cake/dry cake (english cake, traditional crumb cake, banana crumb cake, and more), 3 kinds of cereals (granola, oat, flakes and more), omelet, hot dog, pie and more. The items listed above can be replaced for other equivalente product without previous announce.

Itajara’s Restaurant

The hotel has an outsourced restaurant. It’s a great place for those who appreciate a big variety. The lunch is served with 30 different of hot options and 18 kinds of salad. During night (with reserve) They serve brazilian traditional food and other traditional food around the world, made by the own chef.
The place has the capacity to receive up to 180 people.
The Itajara’s Restaurant is the ideal place for social, business, or family confraternization.
Contact: (47) 3371-3121 (until 2:00 p.m.) For more information click here.
Open from Monday to Saturday, 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.

Skavollos’ Bar

Into the hotel, the Skavollos’ Bar offers a confortable and relaxing place to have a happy hour with friends and taste some delicious snacks, appetizers or try some of our ‘à la carte’ options. The Bar also has a big variaty of beverages, juices and soft drinks to assure you’ll have a wonderful night.
Open from Monday to Friday, 6:30 p.m. to 12:00 p.m.

Service Room, Internet, Parking Lot and Laundry.

These are some other amenities that you’ll find at Itajara!

Service Room:
Room with microwave, electric water kettle, iron and ironing board that can be used with no additional cost. Open 24/7.
Parking lot:
Available covered parking lot* monitored through safety câmeras with no additional cost.*Limited parking spaces with no reservation method.
Wifi internet:
Available at all the hotel dependencies with no additional cost.
Outsourced service not included, available from Monday to Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m.

Event Room

Your event at the city center!
For your comfort and practicity, we have an event room that affords space for 55 people in an auditorium format. The event room has chairs with arm desk, two air conditioners, utility tables and flip charts. The room is 88m² (7,25m X 12,25m X 2,50m), perfect for your meeting, lecture, workshop, product presentation or service demonstration, besides other possibilities.

Request a detailed budget for your event:

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